U Energy Timeline

November 2022

U Energy wins contract for Kirklees College Solar Panel Installation.

In our November 2022 update, we are thrilled to announce that we have won a contract to install solar panels at Kirklees College, a leading educational institution in the UK. The project included the installation of solar panels on three of the college’s sites: Waterfront, Brunel House, and Engineering Centre, with a combined solar panel system size of 345 kWp.

Given the size of the buildings and the complexity of the installation, our team had to use cranes and sophisticated equipment to transport and install the solar panels safely and efficiently. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that we met our deadlines and completed the project in a professional manner.

Kirklees College is an important institution in the UK, with over 1000 highly experienced and dedicated staff teaching up to 13,000 students, of which 4,000 are full-time. By installing solar panels on their premises, we have helped them reduce their carbon footprint, lower their energy costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are proud of our team’s hard work and commitment to excellence, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Kirklees College on this project. We look forward to working with them and other institutions in the future to help them transition to renewable energy and reduce their impact on the environment.

October 2022

 Cygnet Hospitals’ Green Transformation: Phase 1 Solar Panel Installations

Cygnet Hospitals, a leading provider of health and social care services in the UK, has been dedicated to supporting individuals with mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, eating disorders, autism, and learning disabilities since its establishment in 1988. In their ongoing commitment to sustainability, Cygnet Hospitals embarked on a green transformation by installing solar panel sites across their facilities.

Phase 1 of the solar panel installations at Cygnet Hospitals boasts a total size exceeding 2 MW, enabling the generation of 1800 megawatt-hours (mWh) of electricity. This significant energy generation contributes to a cleaner energy mix and exemplifies Cygnet Hospitals’ commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The installation of solar panels across their sites has resulted in saving approximately 400 tons of CO2 emissions, promoting a healthier environment for all.

Looking ahead, Cygnet Hospitals plans to embark on Phase 2 of their solar panel project, with over 40 additional sites set to be equipped with solar panels. The implementation of Phase 2 is expected to commence by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. This ambitious plan showcases Cygnet Hospitals’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and their determination to further integrate renewable energy solutions into their operations.

Cygnet Hospitals’ Phase 1 solar panel installations signify their dedication to creating a sustainable healthcare environment and reducing their ecological impact. The organization’s continued efforts in expanding their solar panel project highlight their proactive approach towards adopting renewable energy solutions and setting a positive example within the healthcare industry.

June 2022

 Leading Petrol Retailer Goes Green with Solar Panel Installations

In June 2022, the Kay Group, a leading petrol retailer operating 20 high-volume 24-hour outlets in the North West, partnered with Uenergy, a renowned renewable energy solutions provider, to embark on a significant sustainability initiative. Together, they installed solar panel sites across multiple locations, marking a transformative step towards a greener future.

Guided by Uenergy’s expertise, the Kay Group’s solar panel system surpassed expectations with over 20 installations and a total capacity exceeding 2 MW. This substantial renewable energy infrastructure generated an impressive 1700 megawatt-hours (mWh) of electricity, resulting in the reduction of 400 tons of CO2 emissions. The collaboration between Uenergy and the Kay Group underscores their shared commitment to environmental responsibility and their determination to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

By embracing solar power, the Kay Group, in collaboration with Uenergy, sets an inspiring example for other businesses within the petrol retail sector. Their joint efforts showcase the immense potential for renewable energy adoption and underline the positive impact of sustainable practices on both the environment and the bottom line.

The Uenergy collaboration at Kay Group’s solar panel installations in June 2022 exemplifies the synergy between a leading petrol retailer and a renowned renewable energy solutions provider. Together, they have taken a significant step towards a more sustainable future, combining their strengths to create a lasting positive impact on the environment and the community they serve.

November 2021

U Energy partners with Bradford University in a unique knowledge transfer

U Energy Solar University of Bradford


The collaboration between academia and industry to breach the gap of knowledge between the two fields by working in tandem to support knowledge transfer between University of Bradford and U Energy to develop Net Zero technologies for the future

August 2021

First 50kW/100kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is installed at top achieving school in the UK

Beacon school had installed several EV Chargers, which was causing faults on main distribution board. As such U Energy deployed the BESS for self consumption, load shifting and peak shaving.

April 2021

A unique off grid 24/7 wind solution to power EG board signs

January 2020

National Health Service approaches U Energy

October 2019

More than 1,000 solar panels have been installed at the new £35m EG Group headquarters in Blackburn. Generating 430kW energy

The four-storey building with views over Fishmoor Reservoir in Haslingden Road took three years to complete and takes up 130,000 square feet of space. The new offices can accommodate up to 700 staff, and it is believed to be the largest commercial building project of its kind in the region.

Huddersfield-based U Energy Solar said the building has been designed with ‘energy savings and carbon offsetting’ at its core.

July 2019

U Energy ventures into Smart Battery


U Power is an energy management company established in response to the National Grid’s Vision for 2050. The agenda will ensure the United Kingdom will achieve Net-Zero Carbon by 2050. Net-Zero Carbon will transform dated Traditional Grid architecture to a Smart Grid, decentralised and digitised.

The Journey to Net-zero carbon will include technical changes as such the need for localised micro grids with smarter energy management and the ability for each community to support the grid is essential to keep our lights on.

June 2015

Euro Garages choose U Energy


Euro Garages approached U Energy, keen to foster a relationship that would see U Energy install solar PV systems to many of their existing and future branches as they continue their company expansion. U Energy was first tasked with installing a 40-module solar system on one of their Starbucks branches in Cleckheaton that all together would create an output of 10KW. Secondly we were given the task of installing a 30kW system on their Greggs branch just next door.

As the business adds strategic partnerships with large brands such as BP, Shell, Starbucks and Greggs; Euro Garages are forging ahead with their rapid expansion and their plans to become a major player in the forecourt industry.

June 2013

First forecourt solar installation for Valli

November 2012

BP goes green with U Energy

In late 2012, U Energy undertook their first installation of a solar power system on a BP petrol station situated along a busy main road leading into Ackworth, near Pontefract. It is estimated that the system’s installation will result in a saving of around £16,300/year.

Solar is absolutely perfect for filling stations as electricity is being used day and night by the pumps and infrastructure. Significant savings are guaranteed. This installation was the first of it’s kind that we are aware of, with special care being taken to ensure safe and secure installation through a system pioneered by U Energy.

February 2012

U Energy Installs Solar PV for Amir Khan

U Energy Solar installs a 3.9kWh solar PV system for world welterweight champion Amir Khan

January 2012

U Energy Solar seals Eden farm contract

Lindley-based U Energy Solar has installed one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the UK for Durham-based Eden Farm Frozen Foods.

The system has been installed across two sites at Eden Farm’s distribution centre at Peterlee, County Durham.

It is estimated that the system will reduce CO2 emissions at the sites by about 60 tonnes a year.

U Energy Solar designed, supplied and installed the system – providing 2,500sq ft of solar panels capable of producing more than 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum. Almost 500 modules were fitted to the southern elevation of two units.

April 2011

Lindley Based Company Goes Green

Following a visit from one of their reporters last week, the Huddersfield Examiner today featured an article on the U Energy Group. Based around an interview with the Operations Manager, Simon Wibberley, the article provides an insight into the company and what we are trying to achieve.

March 2011

U Energy is born

Logo of U Energy UK for providing renewable energy and solar powerU Energy is established in Huddersfield as the one of the first Solar green energy company