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We focus purely on high quality, professional cleaning of commercial arrays so you can
be assured of a safe and effective service at regular intervals.

8+ years of track record in commercial installations

Annual contracts delivering optimal cleaning schedules

Fully UK H & S compliant

Insurance cover

We recommend cleaning panels every 6 months

Our comprehensive annual PV panel cleaning service includes

  • Free damage inspection and report, every clean
  • Free gutter cleaning, every visit
  • Panel manufacturer approved cleaning fluids
  • Zero degradation, no abrasives, no detergents and no damage
  • Simple no fuss contract for a regular clean at agreed intervals

Annual Savings

Solar Cleaning Graph
Solar Panel Cleaning Saving Table - U Energy Solar UK

Research Proves the Value of Cleaning

“An experimental study on effect of dust on power loss
in solar photovoltaic module”

Researchers (Rajput and Sudhakar 2013) investigated the effect of deposited dust particles on PV modules and provided a concept on electrical performances. It was concluded that dust significantly reduces the efficiency of solar PV module.

Researchers have also carried out a performance analysis on the environmental effects on PV modules (Darwish 2013).

“The research concluded that the mean of the daily energy loss along a year caused by dust deposited on PV module surface is around 4.4%. “

In long periods without rain, daily energy losses can be higher than 20%. Dust particles differ in phase, sort, chemical and physical properties depending on many environmental conditions. Air, humidity and temperature in addition to wind speed play a significant role in defining isolated dust and how it will collect on the PV cell.

Hussain, A., Batra, A. & Pachauri, R. Renewables (2017) 4: 9.

Process of PV being cleaned

The lack of chemicals and detergents used in our process means it is also eco-friendly

Solar Maintenance

Quality Control

Rain water alone will not clean solar panels, whilst detergents and rainwater can leave residues or dust particles which may attract algae and impair the panels long term performance

Correlated Colour Temperate

Purified water and approved fluids are pumped through poles to a purpose designed soft brush. Water jets are pumped under gentle pressure through the brushes to clean the PV panels
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