Quality Management Policy



This Quality Management Policy outlines the commitment by U Energy Ltd to make sure that quality
improvement remains to be a significant part of the Company. The purpose of the policy is to ensure
a consistent improvement in the quality of the goods and services of the company through a
thorough process of planning and evaluation. U Energy aims to achieve improvement in the quality
of all the aspects of the company to achieve the highest standards in the industry.

The procedures included in the Quality Management Policy involves all the employees and the
management of the organisation. These procedures will also promote performance indicators
through which identification of quality standards is facilitated which enables measuring and
evaluation of performance.


Focus of Quality Management

1. To enhance and boost the quality of the products and services provided, thereby increasing the
quality standards in the solar industry.

2. To ensure thorough, standardised, and consistent procedures for assessment of quality complying
with the terms and conditions of the validating agencies.

3. To conduct more research and development to promote the quality of goods and services

4. To establish standard monitoring procedures for all the employees onsite and offsite as well.



The main purpose of the quality management policy is to identify areas of improvement and
excellence and achieving both within reasonable timeframe. Additionally, we focus on facilitating the
requirements for fulfilling both improvement and operational plans to produce our services.


Review and Analysis

All the meetings and sessions of supervision in the business are recorded, which are further
reviewed and analysed. The outcome of the analysis is used in identifying the areas of improvement
on a regularly.


Action Planning and Improvement

U Energy will ensure that the staff involved in the process of planning and evaluation of the
improvement uses the data obtained from a thorough analysis of the recorded information. Any
reports generated thereafter are reviewed by the department head to doublecheck the information
and promote quality management as much as possible.