Solar System UK November 1, 2022

The Kay Group – Castlewood Services

Green Power Illuminates Castlewood: The Kay Group’s 100 kW Solar System Generates 85,000 kWh, Saving 20 Tons of CO2 at Castlewood Service Station in Sutton, Nottinghamshire.

  • Solar System Size

    100 kW

  • Energy Generation

    85,000 kWh / Year

  • Carbon Savings

    20 Tons / Year


Revolutionizing Energy at Castlewood: The Kay Group's 100 kW Solar Triumph

Explore the sustainable transformation of Castlewood Service Station as The Kay Group introduces a cutting-edge 100 kW solar system. Generating 85,000 kWh annually and saving 20 tons of CO2, this eco-friendly initiative marks a significant step towards a greener future in Sutton, Nottinghamshire.

High paced installation

Sustainable Synergy: Castlewood Service Station Unveils a Green Oasis with Leading Brands

Embark on a journey through Castlewood Service Station, where The Kay Group’s visionary approach meets sustainability. This eco-conscious destination integrates a powerful 100 kW solar system, generating 85,000 kWh and saving 20 tons of CO2 annually. Beyond clean energy, Castlewood is a harmonious convergence of esteemed brands, featuring Shell for fuel, Costa for premium coffee, Greggs for delectable bites, and Londis for essential convenience shopping. Experience the future of service stations—where eco-friendly practices and renowned brands unite for a holistic and seamless customer experience

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