Solar System UK November 1, 2022

Hull Road Services, Inner Space Station

Join us on a journey of innovation and sustainability as we explore the transformation of Hull Road Service Station, a flagship project by Uenergy. This case study delves into the integration of a cutting-edge solar system, illuminating how this partnership between Uenergy and Hull Road Service Station is not only reshaping the energy landscape but also leading the charge towards a greener future. Discover how this collaboration is setting a new standard for service stations, showcasing the power of clean energy to drive positive change in our communities and beyond.

  • Solar System Size

    40 kW

  • Energy Generation

    38,000 kWh / Year

  • Carbon Savings

    9 Tons / Year


Uenergy's Solar Success Story: Transforming Hull Road Service Station

Situated in York, Hull Road Service Station is more than just your typical fuel stop; it’s a state-of-the-art facility offering an array of amenities to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Open 24 hours a day, the station boasts quality Shell fuel and ShellGO+, ensuring motorists have access to top-tier products at any time. But that’s not all – Hull Road Service Station goes above and beyond by providing award-winning Touchless Car Wash facilities and even a Dog Wash for customers looking to pamper their furry friends.

Recently, Hull Road Service Station embarked on a journey towards sustainability by partnering with Uenergy to install a cutting-edge solar system. Generating 38,000 kWh of clean energy annually and saving 9 tons of carbon emissions per year, this initiative showcases Hull Road’s commitment to environmental stewardship. As part of the Inner Space Stations network, Hull Road Service Station has truly created a space station that is out of this world – one that not only meets the needs of its customers but also contributes to a cleaner, greener planet.

High paced installation

Solar Brilliance: Uenergy Powers Hull Road Service Station Towards Sustainability

Embark on a journey of environmental stewardship and innovation with Uenergy’s latest endeavour at Hull Road Service Station. This case study highlights the integration of a state-of-the-art solar system, boasting a capacity of 40 kW, at one of York’s premier service stations. Delve into how this ground-breaking initiative is not only revolutionizing energy consumption but also spearheading a movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for service stations nationwide.

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