Solar System UK March 9, 2021

Pocklington’s Glider Designed Solar System

Pocklington of the Brookfield Group have invested in a bespoke tailor-designed 200 kW Solar System. After months of concepts to commissioning the site is now carbon saving up to 20 Tons per year.

  • Solar System Size

    100 kW

  • Energy Generation

    85,000 kWh / Year

  • Carbon Savings

    20 Tons / Year


Brookfield Group

Located in York, the site is functional 24/7. Serving customers with their convenience needs. The forecourt accommodates KFC and Starbucks providing options for customers with varied tastes. The site also comprises of a separate fuel station canopy and Car wash area.

High paced installation

Unique and Customised

The Uenergy team came up with a unique idea of incorporating a ‘Glider’ into the solar system design, which took a month of design work and concepting. This solar system has the most eye-catching design making it one of the most exceptional solar systems installed in the UK.

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