Solar System UK July 1, 2020

Spar Wolsingham Equips State Of The Art In Roof Solar

Dutch owned multinational franchise company Spar, pushes to opt in for clean renewable energy on its Wolsingham site. The 23 kw Solar PV system is expected to generate over 23’000 kWh of electricity annually, saving over ?? and 100 Tons of CO2 over the life span of 25 years.

  • Solar System Size

    27 kW

  • Energy Generation

    23,000 kWh / Year

  • Carbon Savings

    4 Tons / Year

Aesthetically Pleasing

New In Roof Design

Located in the county Durham, UK, the site decided to knock down and rebuild its whole site with state of the art new In Roof design solar PV system.

Thanks to the investment of a greener future, Spar Wolsingham will be able to achieve their payback investment within 5 years whilst saving 4 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Spar Wolsingham In Roof Solar PV System Panels - UK
High paced installation

Efficient Solarised
Roof Installation

The aesthetically pleasing solar panels not only blends in within the roof but also saves tiling costs thanks to the new in roof design.

The solar PV system is maximises the roof space with 72 Solar Panels rated at 375W each, enough to satisfy 12% of site demand.

Being able to provide the latest technology, this site’s solar PV system is accompanied by Huawei intelligent and latest 2nd generation 20ktl inverter, providing real time data for the customer to view.


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