August 10, 2015

Euro Garages First Subsidy Free Solar

European leaders in forecourt are investing in renewable energy to significantly reduce their carbon footprints. The New subsidy-free 400kW Solar System was installed in under 2 weeks by U Energy Solar, at the beautiful Waterside Park site in Blackburn.

  • Solar System Size

    400 kW

  • Energy Generation

    3.2 MWh / Year

  • Carbon Savings

    87 Tons / Year

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Euro Garages

The new Wasterside Euro Garages Head Office is now equipped with over 400 kW Solar System, uniquely designed to incorporate the EG logo and to maximize roof space for the greatest energy and carbon savings possible.

Grid integrated and scalable

Smart Solar System
With Huawei Technology

The Solar PV system is engineered for the highest level of safety, seamless integration with the grid and easy scalability in future. This Solar System was installed in under 2 weeks and the whole project was completed in 6 weeks.

The new Head Office building is installed with 1400 Tier 1 solar panels, separated into 10 sections on the roof. The combined system is estimated to generate 320,000 kWh per year, saving 249 Tons of Carbon every year.

Solar Panels
Solar Inverters

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