High Grove Solar Panel Installation

250kW Installation at Highgrove Beds

We are proud to have installed 250kW Solar PV System at Highgrove Beds in Liversedge. This is one of our biggest Solar PV System in recent times, with complete G59 Testing. 

Highgrove Beds Group is a privately owned, family business and now one of the UK’s fastest growing bed manufacturers. Following rapid growth, in 2015 the company moved to a new manufacturing plant in Liversedge, West Yorkshire. This impressive new 250,000sqft facility sits on a 20 acre site, and is one of the most modern in Europe with the capacity to produce more than 10,000 beds a week. With modern facility, the energy demand also increases and that’s what our system is there for. It offers 250kWp

The company secured its first major deal to export the new Sanctum brand to German retailer HGC. They subsequently launched the brand at the 2016 Paris Show and several models are now on display in retail outlets throughout Germany and Switzerland.

Location: Headlands Rd, Liversedge
Roof Orientation: South
Array Size: 73.75Kw
Time to install: 3 Days
Modules: JA Solar 250
Inverter: 15000TL x4 and 12000TL x1
Mounting System: Schletter morning
Extras: G59 Testing done in house
Notes: Highgrove Beds Factory Rooftop

 Energy Data:

Est. Annual Electricity Output: 68,958Kwh
Est. Annual Cost Savings: £16,300
Annual Carbon Benefit: 34 Tonnes


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