Workplace Health & Safety

U Energy Ltd ensures all the workplaces to have adequate safety, health, and welfare measures. U Energy also strictly follows:


• All the devices, systems and equipment are maintained as per the recommendations given by the manufacturer. 

• The temperatures of the workplace buildings are regulated to ensure the free flow of work activities. 

• Regular cleaning of furniture, windows, floors, and ceilings will be undertaken to ensure a clean work environment.

• All the Employees are protected with the highest safety measures from falling objects in the workplace.

• Our offices are facilitated with clean drinking water and facilities for preparation and food consumption.

• All hazardous and harmful substances involved in the business are marked and preserved in a protective environment.


In addition to the measures in the buildings, the onsite safety measures include:


LIFTING OPERATIONS: Our installation activities require constant lifting of multiple loads onto rooftops in populated areas. Even though all the activities are planned and monitored carefully, it is never risk-free. We make sure the activities are carried out after considerable equipment checks and training to the required staff. The plan is assessed and carried out only after review. 

WORKING AT HEIGHTS: The installation of Solar PV Systems requires familiarity with working at heights. We often work on rooftops which can be risky. Our scaffoldings are set up and structured, keeping safety as the highest priority. All our staff are trained to encounter the risks of working at heights, as it involves withstanding extreme weather conditions.
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HEALTH MANAGEMENT:  In light of the recent lockdown restrictions imposed by the UK Government, we have considered precautionary measures seriously. Keeping the regulations in mind we formulated a U Energy COVID-19 Management Plan which is strictly followed on-site as well as in office buildings.