Commercial Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels could help your business save, generate income and boost green credentials

Reduce Your Overheads

Our quality panels can cut your energy bills up to 90% achieving a healthy 12%+ annual ROI and pay back installation costs within 6-8 years.

Long Term Energy Source

With our quality panels lasting 20-25 years, you, there is very little maintenance required and a small business can save up to £16,000 over 20 years with a small 4kWh system.

Grow Your Business

Solar PV boosts your green credentials, reassures customers & gives you a cutting edge over everyone else.

Bonus Tariffs

Feed-in tariff – 20 year subsidy you get paid by Ofgem for every kWh produced and sell any unused electricity to earn from the Export Tariff.


Save money, save the environment and improve your reputation. Solar PV with storage turns your roof space or unused land into an asset actively working to cut your overheads. It reduces your reliance on the national grid and makes a big dent in your company’s carbon footprint. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions and successful tender procurement for large contracts. With little or no red tape (planning permission is rarely required), low maintenance and the highest return of all renewable, Solar PV & storage is the natural choice for businesses looking to secure their energy independence.

We’ve worked with multiple businesses big and small in all sectors, helping them turn dead roof space and spare land into cost cutters, revenue generators and carbon reducers. We never sub-contract work, always use our own team of expert installers, and guarantee all work for 10 years.

We’re accredited by, and follow the codes of, all the industry’s leading organisations including MCS Renewable Energy Consumer Code), the Solar Trade Association and NICEIC. See Accreditations and Awards.

As a fast-growing business ourselves, we place great emphasis on minimising disruption and maximising your returns. We’ve worked with many commercial organisations across multiple industries and have proven experience in sourcing systems that work to enhance business plans and fit with company aims.

For an informed choice, you need information you can rely on. Naked use professional Solar PV software (PVSol) that takes the guesswork out of financial predictions. Our quotes show clear, accurate returns and the impact on your electricity bills. Few solar energy companies offer this, because the software is expensive and requires extensive training to use effectively. It’s a powerful bit of kit, and it’s extremely accurate because it takes account of all the elements that could affect your personal return such as roof orientation, pitch, shading, panel performance and local weather conditions. With this information you can maximise output and return on your investment.

We’re not tied to any particular supplier, and never will be. Currently, we have over 80 panel manufacturers on our books. This means we can directly compare one type of panel, storage & inverter combination with another and stay impartial. The best set-up for your business might not be the best for someone else. With our experience and knowledge we can combine products and build systems that meet your business needs and budget. All our suggestions are backed up by independent calculations.

Important Figures

Commercial solar panels are typically larger, provide more power, and require more space. However, they also generate more returns. Again, costs can vary a great deal, but the following provides a good estimate of what you can achieve.

System SizeCostCO2 Saved1st Year ReturnTime to Pay OffRoof Space Required
10kW£16,000 - £20,000100 Tons£1,06016 - 18 Years64m2+
25kW£30,000 - £40,000250 Tons£1,61618 - 21 Years160m2
50kW£60,000 - £70,000500 Tons£2,32317 - 21 Years320m2
100kW+£200,000+1000+ Tons£5,050+16 - 21 Years640m2

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After a quick consultation with one of our solar experts, all you have to do is decide to go solar—we’ll do the rest.

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