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Innovative energy technology

Smart design and intelligent operations
Turn-Key Solution
Turn-Key Solution

Easily introduce battery storage into your existing system, with a wide range of sources integrations and direct consumption available for all devices.

Easily Scalable
Easily Scalable

With 10 Years warranty, easily add additional battery storage, to scale with your energy demands. Freely upgrade with no product or service locks.

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

Our intelligent Battery Management System provides smooth operation, reduces potential issues and any unsolved issues are notified through software.

Reduce Cost
Reduce Cost

Utilize battery storage to store excess energy from renewable sources, implement load shifting and peak shaving, to reduce energy import from the grid.

Generate Profit
Generate Profit

Charge battery storage from renewable sources or grid during off-peak time and discharge during peak times, to regularly generate income.

Become Sustainable
Become Sustainable

Always be energized and running with automatic grid outages detection and seamlessly transition to using the battery backup.

energy storage

Automatically store excess energy from renewable sources like solar and wind. Alternatively, charge the battery during the off-peak time, for lower energy cost.

Start Storing Energy
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Maximize the potential of your renewables by utilizing all your free excessive energy. Also, utilize battery storage during peak hours to lower consumption of expensive energy.

Start Consuming Intelligently


Fully control your battery storage through the mobile app/web interface to view the performance and change settings to your demands.

Start Managing Energy

Coherent integration

Battery storage compatible with all generation sources

Solar Energy

Store and later use excess energy from Solar System.

Wind Energy

Store and later use excess energy from Wind Turbines.

EV Charging

Utilize cheaper energy to charge vehicles


Buy cheaper energy during off-peak and use later.

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