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Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation. Due to the sun being a sustainable energy source, we can harness the it’s energy to generate electricity and with considerable technology improvements, the demand for electricity has increased and renewable energy sources like Solar PV is the solution to our needs. With zero emissions such as no greenhouse gases means a safer and viable further for everyone. Once Solar PV system is installed there are no additional costs and our decentralised energy solution means that you will be in control of everything.

Our priority is to provide each and every client with the utmost quality of products and service, therefore, you get 25 years manufacturer warranty and 5-year labour warranty for every installation. With U Energy, you can always be safe in the knowing that the latest and finest technology is being used, and we are always searching for creative ways to ensure you are getting the Solar PV best suited to your needs. Every project is expertly planned, to suit your needs and only after your confirmation, does the installation begins. With our Solar PV, you can significantly cut down your energy costs as well making a vital contribution towards society.


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Solar Inverters

Your Solar Panels generate direct current (DC) but our home use alternating current, which is where the inverter comes in. Inverter will convert the AC generated by the Solar Panels into Dc, to make it usable for us or otherwise if the electricity is not being used, it can be fed into the national grid using your property’s main electricity distribution board.

Apart from that, inverter can also provide electricity during a grid outage, without added storage. So you always up and running. SPS can provide a maximum of 2,000 watts which is enough to run vital electronic devices.

Solar Inverters


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We make going solar simple. We’ll do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your savings. After a quick consultation with one of our solar experts, all you have to do is decide to go solar—we’ll do the rest.

Request your free no obligation quotation by filling in the quotation form below; alternatively, you can drop us an email or give us a call. Our experts are readily available to advise you or answer any of your questions. No payment is necessary until the Installation* process begins. With our process your switch to solar could be complete in under 2 months. So, get you quote today and take control over energy costs and save on your monthly bill while making your planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.