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Innovative energy solutions for 21st century

Energy Generation

Solar Energy

Renewable, efficient and cost effective Solar PV Solutions.

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Energy Consumption

EV Charging

Enable cleaner transportation with charging infrastructure.

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Energy Storage

Battery Storage

AI powered intelligent & sustainable energy storage.

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Energy Optimization

LED Lighting

Bright, elegant lighting at very low running cost.

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Our Process

Built from the ground up
for maximum returns

Site Analysis

Close examination of the project site by our experts as well as gathering site data helps us to create the most suitable solution, with no extra cost to you.

System Design

Custom energy solutions engineered using decades of experience and leading-edge technology, complete with your involvement from start.

System Simulation

Using data analytics and Machine Learning, all aspects of the designs are rigorously tested for performance, sustainability and savings.

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Bespoke Energy Solutions

Energy solutions
for every ecosystem

Innovating energy solutions and transforming ideas to meet requirements, no matter the energy requirements.


Benefit from the stability, cheaper price during off-peaks, Triads and Arbitrage savings from the grid in addition to generating revenue from Solar and Battery Storage.


Become independent and self-sustained with your on-site energy generation, storage and consumption system. Zero energy cost with exceptionally low carbon-footprint and  little maintenance.


Emerging energy ecosystem, offering less capital-intensive, smart, modular and scalable solution with flexible integrations including solar, battery, wind, hydrogen and CHP.

Leading Edge Energy Solutions

Intelligent design,
smart operation

Energy & Cost Savings

Drastically reduce energy consumption with energy generation from Solar, storing excess generation in battery storage, using LED Lighting and increasing electronics efficiency with Voltage Optimizers to reduce energy consumption and thus lowering the energy cost.

Generate Revenue

Sell excess energy from renewable and sustainable sources such as Solar PV System and Battery Storage to the grid, to earn income. Also, utilise unused battery storage to buy cheap energy and sell at higher prices.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce carbon footprint with efficient energy consumption (e.g. using LED Lighting & Voltage Optimizers) and generating your energy from renewable sources such as Solar PV System.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Always be powered with sunlight and wind, using the generated energy to meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet your electric needs.

Scale With Flexibility

With our solutions, you are always free to upgrade and modify the installed system, including adding existing components such as Solar panels and LED lights or introducing new components such as generation source or storage solution.

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Credible Energy Solutions

What our clients say

Valli Forecourts

U Energy Solar has completed work for us on dozens of sites with no problems whatsoever. They are good because they fine-tune systems to our needs with efficiency and have significantly reduced energy consumption. They are highly recommended.

Haroon Valli

Chairman & CEO

Euro Garages

The U Energy team has been instrumental in identifying opportunities across the country where it makes environmental and economic sense to develop solar, and have worked closely with Euro Garages to develop a comprehensive energy strategy to achieve our sustainability goals.

Mohammed Patel

Group Head of Energy & Sustainability Utilities


U Energy Solar University of Bradford
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