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February 2015

U Energy installed solar panels at BP Roundhay

The change has come!

U Energy provides more than it promises. In 2012, we took an initiative to setup solar panels at filling stations as filling station are best suited for solar panels. We did our first installation at a filling station near Pontefract. This installation was the first of it's kind that we are aware of, with special care being taken to ensure safe and secure installation through a system pioneered by U Energy.

Since then we are continuously working to install solar panels at filling stations. Recently we have installed solar panels at BP Roundhay, Leeds.The pay back calculation indicates that for this particular site the customer will save £425,199.03 over the next 20 years.

The sap calculation indicates that 71479 kwh per year is what the customer will generate from having the solar panels.The system size is 87kwp.

BP Roundhary Leads soalr installed

BP Roundary Leads solar panels instaleld