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August 2013

BP goes green with U Energy

solar panels for petrol stations uk

In late 2012, U Energy undertook their first installation of a solar power system on a BP petrol station situated along a busy main road leading into Ackworth, near Pontefract. It is estimated that the system's installation will result in a saving of around £16,300/year.

Solar is absolutely perfect for filling stations as electricity is being used day and night by the pumps and infrastructure. Significant savings are guaranteed. This installation was the first of it's kind that we are aware of, with special care being taken to ensure safe and secure installation through a system pioneered by U Energy.

Petrol Stations uk

U Energy Solar designed, supplied and installed the entire system, operating from their base in Huddersfield. The project saw a total of 727 square meters of solar panels, capable of producing more than 63,300 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum, installed across the canopy and store roof of the petrol station.

Petrol Stations uk

The project used more than a kilometer of DC cable and saw 295 panels installed using a Schletter mounting system. The system fed 4 SMA Sunny TriPower 15,000TL inverters and a single 12,000TL, installed indoors to convert the energy to a useful form.

During the design and consultation phase, the technical team from U Energy asessed the forecourt and in particular the roof and canopy structure, taking wing and weather into account, to create a system that would best capitalise on the station's location.

U Energy Director Farhan Gohir says "The Ackworth BP Station has made a huge, yet wise investment. The have made use of an existing asset - their roof space - to both create green energy and also make a significant saving on what was previously one of their largest expenses."

Petrol Stations uk

U Energy are now undertaking further installations with BP across Yorkshire and further afield, with a number of sites confirmed in the midlands. 

Petrol Stations uk