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May 2011

Alistair McGowan - Solar Campaigner

Alistair McGowan - Green Government Should Back Solar

With the government announcing upcoming changes to the Feed In Tariff which will affect large scale solar installations, impressionist and comedian Alistair McGowan has spoken out about the advantages of Solar Power and how the proposed changes would be a step backward for our country.

The speech was given as part of an event held at Hinchley Wood School by 'We Support Solar', a campaign promoting solar power and hoping to achieve the following aims:
We Support Solar

  1. Raise the UK’s solar ambitions to match those of other big EU economies
  2. Leave the solar Feed-in tariff alone for households and communities until 2012
  3. Back community-owned renewables, as the Coalition promised.
These are realistic golas, and you can register your support on their website here - while you are there, there is a full video of Alistair's 'Solar School Assembly' which is empassioned and entertaining. Also, you can find a full interview with the Guardian on this subject here.