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Dr. Silberberg

This installation was in a conservation area in York so we had to be very careful to keep the visibility of the panels from the road down to a minimum. As you can see, the panels are hidden well and the installers were very careful to make sure that no damage was caused to the property. 

Silberberg Savings Graph uk

System Spec:

Location: York
Roof Orientation: East
Array Size: 1.9kW
Time to install: 7 Hours
Modules: 10 x Suntech STP190S
Inverter: Sunny Boy 2000HF
Mounting System: Schletter Klick Top
Extras: Sunny Beam Monitoring System
Notes: None

Energy Data:

Est. Annual Electricity Output: 1515kWh
Est. Annual Cost Savings: £919
Annual Carbon Benefit: 0.81t