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DomesticSolar PV installations help secure your home's energy future, save money and help the environment.Learn moreCommercialCommercial property owners, farmers & investors – we can help yo...

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Mr. Bailey

This system was installed locally in Lepton, Huddersfield. Mr. Bailey required the largest possible system installed on his garage roof which was then connected to the main house by an underground arm...

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Mrs. Quaye

Mrs. Quaye wanted a small system with the option to upgrade in future. Our 10 panel system was fitted to allow for another 6 panels to be added if required. A-Sun 190W panels and a Sunny Boy 2000HF in...

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Solar PV and the Home

PV Panels are available to more or less every household in the UK, with only those with thatched roofs, and or fully shaded roofs proving to be more problematic.The most appropriate roofs for Solar PV...

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U Energy Solar Launches YouTube Channel

Today, U Energy Solar have launched a YouTube Channel. Here you will find videos about us and relevant to solar power. Please subscribe for regular updates - we will be adding more videos over the nex...

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What Do We Offer

U Energy can deliver the solution to your solar needs, no matter how big or small they are. We present a turnkey solution, and work with everyone from landowners to farmers to maximise output. Everyth...

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