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Commercial PV

Why Solar PV?PV offers financial and environmental benefits and helps to meet targets.Learn moreWhy U Energy?U Energy are one of the countries leading renewable energy specialists.Our expertise guaran...

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Glossary of Terms

Alternating current (AC) - A type of electrical current which works by reversing the direction of the electricity in regular cycles. This is used most commonly because the voltage can be controlled re...

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U Energy Solar - Domestic PV

Is my home suitable for Domestic PV?The majority of homes are, but if you're not, then we'll tell you.Learn moreInvesting in Solar PVHow large an investment is a Solar Photovoltaic installation, and ...

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What is Solar PV?

How Solar PV WorksSunlight is turned into electricity with Solar PV panels. This works through the panels being attached to an inverter, which turns the generated DC (Direct Current) ...

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