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Solar panels for school

Solar For Schools

Energy consumption is at its peak in daytime.Installing a solar panel system is the best choice for your school to reduce energy expenditures.

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Commercial solar panels uk

BP Stations

BP and U Energy Solar have started a mutual project to install solar panel systems at filling stations across the northwest.

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Commercial solar panels

Voltage Optimization

Increase your savings with our Voltage optimizers, designed to regulate incoming electricity supply at 220V. Have a look at what we offer!”

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Solar panels for LED

LED Lighting

We offer LED light panels that are environment friendly and cost-effective for domestic and commercial use.

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Euro Garages choose U Energy

Starbucks Cleckheaton

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U Energy installed solar panels at BP Roundhay

Solar Installed at BP Roundhay, Leeds

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PV For Schools

U Energy has installed solar PV systems for a number of large and small schools and knows what works best. School buildings in the state typically have relatively large roofs that could allow for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems capable of generating a significant portion of their annual electricity needs and cutting off their energy expenditure.

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U Energy offer G59, DNO Witness and PAT Testing

U Energy have established a new branch, G59 Testers, to provide commercial electrical services.

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Shell Spar Filling Station Installation

In 2013, U Energy installed a 29kW solar power system at Chellow Heights Filling Station near Bradford. The unique wave formation of the panels was calculated to give maximum...

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BP goes green with U Energy

U Energy Solar and BP have recently undertaken a pioneering project to install solar on filling station

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U Energy Installs Solar PV for Amir Khan

U Energy installs a 3.9 kWp Solar PV system for Amir Khan

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solar panels for petrol stations uk